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My name is Zachary Paré and I am a record producer, musician, sound engineer and music teacher. My number one goal is to transform musical ideas into fully fledged songs. From songwriting to the final mastering process, I help artists by breathing life into their ideas and making sure the final product is representative of their full potential. 


I have been playing music for over 20 years, starting with violin and piano when I was 3, to finishing my bachelors in jazz guitar interpretation at Laval University in 2019. I've also continued my training through the years with various programs including Juno winner Siegfried Meyers production workshops. My extensive knowledge of music theory, music technic and sound engineering has giving me the tools to help artists develop their potential in the studio. Over the past 5 years i've helped dozens of local, regional and national bands go through the process of writing, recording and publishing their songs. 

If you have a vision and you need help bringing it to life, I'm the person you're looking for! 

I am always looking to work on new projects so I hope to hear from you soon! 

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